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Our shared goal in this venture is to apply our curiosity in materials, assemblages and creative functionality into artful furniture and interior environments.

Roland Blandy

Roland is a life-long artist and entrepreneur. He has exhibited his work in San Francisco, London and Tokyo, highlighting his range in sculpture, furniture and photography. He continues to create art at his studio at Developing Environments, San Francisco’s oldest live/work artist community. At work and in the studio, Roland’s art takes its inspiration from the materials used, both natural and man-made, and expresses a playful relationship between medium and form. Growing up in London, Roland was influenced by great British sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Roland studied art, architecture and economics at the University of Manchester.


Eran Dayan

Raised with the influence of artists and engineers, Eran is a born creator, bridging the creative and the analytical. He built his career exploring the relationship between design and craft with two decades working in architecture, construction and structural engineering. His expertise in wood and concrete lays the foundation for his interest and experience designing and building with a broad spectrum of materials. A craftsman at his core, Eran revels in the process of creation as much as he appreciates the finished product. Eran studied architecture and structural engineering at UC Berkeley, he is a registered architect in California.


Reunion of the Creative

Roland and Eran met at Cellspace, a vibrant arts collective and community center in San Francisco's mission district. They spent years working alongside of one another, individually developing their art practice and independent businesses, meanwhile keeping an eye on one another's creative process. Together, they were active in helping to launch and facilitate regular art shows, and built and managed community material arts labs. As the Cellspace era ended, and artists were left to flee for new spaces, Roland and Eran united to find a workshop where they could continue their creative practices. After finding a warehouse in West Oakland, they combined their respective metal and wood shops to build a full-service design and fabrication shop. With a few small projects to start, this reunion of creatives grew into a flourishing business where they revel in blurring the line between art and design.